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JL Associates has its origins as far back as the 1990s and now for over two decades has been providing a one-stop-shop approach to companies, large and small, with a small team of associates in a diverse range of IT disciplines.

Led by the same consultant since the beginning, able to work well with all levels of staff, whether technical or not, and with extensive experience in liaising with third parties to ensure a smooth experience for the client, management and staff. Relying on our very many years of experience, we are able to deliver all manner of solutions, from modern Internet Systems & Consultancy (including security advice) to Office Installation Works (as well as office service & support); from Bespoke Software or installation, configuration and management of third party systems to ad hoc consulting in all areas of modern I.T. Support; and more besides.

We focus on the actual requirements, goals and best-value solutions, rather than starting with a technology for sale which some might attempt to shoehorn into a situation where it is not suited. By developing long-term, trusted relationships with our customers, some dating back decades, we see mutual benefit to all parties involved.

We welcome you to make contact with any questions or queries you may have, or simply to discuss without obligation, any prospective work you may be interested in commissioning.

Internet Services.

Over the years, as we have seen the Internet emerge and take on its dominant form we see today, our work has naturally extended into all areas of the Internet, anchored in our own in-house expertise which avoids having to blindly resell products and services operated by other suppliers. Nonetheless, we have a long track record in being able to bring together multiple systems and indeed one of our specialisations is in critical pieces of middleware to overcome incompatibilities between off-the-shelf systems.

For everything from hosting your WordPress site to Bespoke Middleware solutions, online web-based services, Security Consulting, Domain Name management, dedicated hosting facilities, and more, we can provide an integrated range of services that deliver what is required, utilising both our own resources in world-class Data Centres as well as external resources provided by or required by a client.

The key message is flexibility. Hybrid approaches can produce huge savings and excellent performance where one is able to simultaneously retain existing systems whilst developing additional components alongside as needed. In order to deliver what you need and want, we will bring together best of breed, employ best practices, and through getting to know your business, ultimately build an effective, value-for-money, and long-lasting range of solutions that can adapt as your requirements develop over time.

Office Installation.

Whether you need network cabling, fitting out of a server room, or just a desk-based hardware setup, we have you covered. We also have experience in projects requiring external works to client premises.

We utilise both in-house staff and our own selected associates when undertaking installation works on site. Whether we are fitting out an empty office prior to occupation, or whether we need to work around staff already working within the premises, our professional approach will deliver what you need with the security of knowing we are on hand to address any issues. We have our own expertise for many aspects of installation works, as well as trusted associates, partners and suppliers we can bring to bear on a project. You benefit from a single point of contact whilst also getting the best of multiple types of resources.

If you have any questions regarding standards compliance, working at height, electrical certification, networking technicalities, capacity calculations, or anything else, then please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and address any specific needs you may have.

IT Consultancy.

As well as supplying services & support, undertaking installations, providing hosting or management, we can also contribute our expertise, experience and knowledge to your decision-making processes, in the form of high-quality consultancy in both technical and non-technical contexts.

Getting good advice that you can trust is crucial. We have one guiding principle, which is that a long-term relationship with a client is worth far more than hurriedly closing a one-off deal. We go out of our way to learn about your organisation, goals, values, and thereby develop an understanding of how best to advise in any given area. Ultimately, our client's success is our success too, and it is a professional partnership that will prove to be most productive and mutually beneficial in the long term.

We engage in a very wide range of areas of I.T. Consulting. It may simply be our initial conversations regarding a project you wish to engage us in, discussing the requirements, benefits of different approaches, deciding on which solution is best value and a best fit. Or, it may be an extensive and detailed analysis across a variety of areas, culminating in a report with associated documentation for review by management, which could involve both an extended time period and interaction with many staff members during the course of the research. Or, of course, something in between. Some common areas in which advice or consultancy is provided for example, are Security (such as staff protocols, network, hosting or systems setups, backup regimes etc.), Software (in regard to which office suite may work best, or how to accommodate email or desktop needs etc.), Hardware (whether to replace hardware, what to do in what order, what can be reused etc.), Buildings (despite the modern digital world, it still matters what physical environments are invested in), and so on. If in doubt, do please just get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss further.

Software Development.

Writing bespoke software for businesses was the core work back when starting out, and remains a strong and an important part of all the work undertaken for clients. Clients come from a wide range of industries and include both small and large businesses, with a mix of local, national and international customers. The underlying principles of well-engineered software that will stand the test of time, of meeting a customer's needs rather than being swept along by any fad or populist trend for the sake of it, have all made for longevity of both client relationships and the software systems themselves.

Much of the software is inevitably more Internet or Online oriented now but some desktop software solutions are still required in certain situations. The approach to writing software is always to seek out best practices in the field, not just because it makes for better programs, but also because this makes maintenance by us or anyone else a more viable prospect going forward.

Moreover, we excel at being able to bridge the gap between end users wanting something and knowing how to engineer that in software. This can be simply having the communication skills to talk to non-technical staff, or it can be in discussing in a readily-understood way, just how some aspect of the technology works. Ultimately, we are always delighted to share knowledge about the internal workings where a client wants to know, and also to just get the complicated technical work done without dragging staff into such details where that's what's wanted instead. Usually, different staff and/or at different times, both will happen across a single project. In some more esoteric projects, there may be unusual technical details or hardware that the client has expertise in, which requires us to learn and understand aspects of a product or system, in order to develop a software solution. We are particularly well-suited to this sort of situation, have had experience with needing to sign NDAs, exercise discretion and adhere to confidentiality or security related requirements, and do so with ease and professionalism.

In addition to our personal-touch service and ability to provide total I.T. solutions through one channel, the following are (and always have been) standard features of all our bespoke software development:

Our approach to bespoke software is one of developing a system for a client which is then yours to own. We may offer support, maintenance, or other related services to suit; but the software is paid for and owned by the client that commissioned it. We do not impose restrictions on source code, and do not seek to leverage other gain from selling/licensing outside the scope of the project itself. All too often, we have found a business ends up being 'locked in' to a supplier that leverages an artificial dependency in the future. This is a shortsighted approach which limits the opportunity for innovation, development of new projects, ongoing work to improve and evolve solutions, and more besides.


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